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Shungite Gifts

 The main activity of our company is the production of  souvenir products from shungite.

Thanks to the fact that we have at our disposal the most cutting-edge equipment for stone processing, we can offer you a whole range of high-quality shungite products. Moreover, we are ready to implement any of your ideas, create an exclusive shungite item for you, which will become an unforgettable present for your relatives and friends.

The use of the advanced equipment and almost waste-less production technology, as well as the availability of our own raw materials base, makes it possible for us to offer very competitive prices for our products. Besides, the great production volume is able to ensure demand, even for major wholesale buyers.

We are open for any form of cooperation.

All our products of shungite are made only of schungite of Zazhoginsky deposit.

The production workshops of our company are located in the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, a city whose history is closely related to shungite.