Some interesting facts about shungite

Some interesting facts about shungite.

In 1996, a ward was established at the military field therapy clinic
under the Military Medical Academy, creating conditions for
electromagnetic deprivation based on usage of the shielding properties
of the natural mineral shungite. A shungite shield more than five
centimeters thick, weighing more than 11 tons, ensures the absorption
value of up to 140 dB of electromagnetic smog in the frequency range
of higher than 30 MHz. The shielding property increases as the
frequency grows, while it starts reducing at the frequency of more
than 5 GHz.
In the period from 1996 to 2005, more than 500 people underwent
treatment in the ward creating electromagnetic deprivation based on
shungite rock. Among those who went through rehabilitation after acute
intoxications (96), participants of the rectification of the
consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
(65), employees of an oil processing plant (72), participants of
Leningrad NPP reconstruction (21), patients with vegetative neuroses
(58) and with chronic diseases of the visceral organs: coronary heart
disease (44), hypertensive disease (87), chronic bronchitis and
bronchial asthma (81), ulcer disease (18), autoimmune thyroiditis
(12), diabetes mellitus (22).
The adaptation effect of electromagnetic deprivation of patients in
the «shungite ward» is expressed as considerable reduction in the
rehabilitation period after intoxications and acute diseases and time
until remission in case of exacerbations of chronic diseases, such as
ulcer disease, chronic bronchitis, etc., as well as reduction in time
of treatment of torpid diseases. In patients with hypertonic diseases
and stenocardia, increase in sensitivity to hypotensive drugs and
nitrates has been established. Shielding from electromagnetic smog and
magnetic storms reduces the duration and intensity of stenocardia,
accelerates the restoration of the heart rhythm in case of paroxismal
disorders, and reduces clinical symptoms of the hypertonic disease.
For patients being treated in the «shungite ward» conditions,
considerable stabilization of the vegetovascular functions in patients
with vegetative neuroses.
Shielding from electromagnetic smog leads to the activation of the
immune protection system, increases the effectiveness of
immunoprophylactic and therapeutic vaccines and therapy of immune
deficit conditions. Figures show the activation of hemophages, as well
as improving indicators of the humoral and cellular links of the
organism's immune protection system.
Hypomagnetic exercises in the electric deprivation conditions in the
«shungite ward» cause activation of endogenous mechanisms of immune
and metabolic regulation broken down through lasting exposure to
electromagnetic smog in the big city conditions as a result of stress
response of the organism to changes in the electromagnetic
It seems expedient to carry out further clinical studies to research
the efficiency of electromagnetic deprivation in a «shungite ward».

Shungite has one curious feature, among others, - ability to almost
mirror magnetic radiations, especially those of industrial origin.
During the recent decades, the load of industrial radiations on human
beings is only increasing. We are surrounded by light and power
cables, computers, TV sets, MW ovens, and cell phones. This is why
such a unique geomagnetic mineral able to reflect waves is a real
pickup for us.
Other studies were carried out at the State Institute of Biophysics
under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation: they placed
eggs in 3 hatchers, 100 eggs in each.
97 chicken pipped in the first, common one. In the second one, with a
mobile phone put inside and incoming calls sent time after time, only
26 chicken pipped!
In the third one, with a similar mobile phone with regular incoming
calls separated from the eggs by an anti-electromagnetic shungite
cover, 94 chicken pipped! This experiment shows bad influence on
living embryos of radiations of mobile phones, as well as proper
protection properties of the shungite cover.
Alongside with reflection of electromagnetic radiation, shungite is
universal as a means of protection from geopathic zones, and as an
amulet, to harmonize and restore the human biofield. Besides, shungite
is a reassuring stone absorbing negativity.

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