Exclusive! The Shungite сup for water is made from a single piece of stone!
Unlike other manufacturers we do not glue the bottom of the cup.
We made a cup from a single piece of shungite.
100% environmentally safe.

Height (approx.): 3.94" (10 cm) 
Diameter (approx.): 2.76" (7 cm)
Thickness (approx.): 1.77 " (4.5 mm)
The outer side of the cup is polished,  the inner side is not polished. 

The water should be not just clean, but also structured.

How to make the structured water?
In a cup Shungite  just pour water infuse for 15-20 minutes and you'll get a clean, healthy water.

Attention! Use only cold filtered tap water.
Before using the Cup need to wash with clean water, preferably boiling water.

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