The use of shungite health balls (magic spheres)

The use of shungite health balls (magic spheres)

Like may ideas which are unique in their simplicity and effectiveness, the tradition of using balls to improve health came to Europe from China. The oldest mention of Health Balls is dated back to the 14th century, the time of the reign of the Emperor Dynasty of Ming (1368-1644). Skillful Chinese craftsmen, by improving those products centuries long, eventually started making them hollow inside. Plates were put inside the balls, which started melodically ringing in various keys, when moved. This feature must have become one of the grounds for the traditional symbolical naming of the balls, “Roaring Dragon” and “Singing Phoenix”. In ancient China, Health Balls were only used by a narrow circle of initiated warriors for the improvement of hands strength and dexterity when mastering martial arts, motion restoration after injuries and development of unique abilities, such as instant reaction, concentration of attention, and ability to energetic self-regulation. For centuries long, Health Balls have won wide popularity not only in the East but also in the West, as it was noticed that daily exercise with the balls improves blood circulation, normalizes breath, stabilizes the functionality of the nervous system and have a generally beneficial effect on human psychological and physical condition. It was found out that exercise with the balls give sharpness of mind and strength in the hands to young people, and help the elderly get rid of many diseases and complaints. Exercise with them remove spasms and convulsions of hand muscles, insufficient mobility of joints, and they keep memory and intellectual abilities at a high level for a long time, help get rid of tiredness and avoid unnecessary worries.

Chinese medicine was aimed at cultivating general human health and the development of harmony between the man and the nature. Modern medical specialists agree with the traditional idea of the Chinese about the connection between acupuncture energy points located on the body surface with internal organs. Hand palms are one of the places of dense concentration of such points. Action on active points of hand palms has a medicinal effect on the functioning of the whole organism, stimulates brain activity, contributes to avoiding illnesses and revealing creative potential. Gradually, as the tradition of healing with balls was being developed, Health Balls started appearing made of holistic stone. Unlike the ancient Chinese ones, they don't produce sounds but complement the medicinal effect of the balls by the action of natural stone. Those balls are pleasant to hold in hands, and besides, interaction with a natural material increases the positive effect of their use. The energetics of the ancient stone contributes to the effectiveness of exercising with shungite balls.

If we briefly describe technique of working with the balls, the basic exercises include rolling two balls in the hand palm clockwise and counterclockwise, rolling balls without them touching each other (as a more complicated option), rolling balls between hand palms, casting balls with one hand and two hands. These gymnastics, though simple at the first sight, actually requires sleight and training. While mastering the skill, exercises get more and more complicated – the number of balls is increased, techniques of working with two hands at the same time are added, speed is increased, exercises during walking appear, etc. But for оздоровительной training, it's not necessary to perform virtuoso tricks, of use will be even the simplest exercises, like rubbing the balls between two hand palms, rotating of two balls in the hand palm clockwise and counterclockwise, and many others.

A complex of exercises with shungite balls.

Roborant exercises:

“A Coal on a Palm”

Continuously throw up a shungite ball on your palm with quick movements.

“Rattle box”

Loosely pressing a shungite ball in your palm, shake your hand up and down, from left to right.

Pressure exercises:

“Rub the nut”

Hold a shungite ball in your left hand, in the centre of the palm, and put your right hand with the centre of its palm over the ball. Press the ball from both sides, as if trying to crush it. Then replace the ball into your right hand and press from above with your left hand.

“Tiger's jaws bite the ball”

Press a shungite ball between your thumb and index finger (the so-called “tiger jaw”), hold the ball very closely when pressing it, trying to achieve the feeling of stretch.

“Dragon's claws squeeze the pearl”

Take a shungite ball with five fingers. With all your five fingers, press the ball's surface with crumpling movements.

“Monkey grasps the peach”

Put a shungite ball to the middle of your hand palm, knuckle and relax your hand palm alternately.

Rotation exercises

(to be performed with your hand relaxed if possible)

“Screwing and unscrewing”

Put a shungite ball to the middle of your palm, press it with the cushion of your thumb, rotate the ball with your thumb clockwise (from the forefinger to the little finger) with continuous movements - “Screwing”. “Unscrewing”: rotating the ball counterclockwise (from your little finger to your forefinger).


From the position “tiger's jaws bite the ball”, roll a shungite ball over with the help of your thumb to the little finger, and with the help of your little finger, send it to the center of the palm.

Exercise contrary to the “Overrolling”: “embrace” the ball with your thumb and little finger, roll with your thumb to the index finger and shift to the center of your hand palm with your index finger.

Exercises with two shungite balls.

“Rotation of two balls”: perform the “Overrolling” with two balls.

“Galloping of two balls”

Take two shungite balls with your hand, with the base of your thumb, push the ball closest to it towards the middle of your palm, the palm is folded up in this case. Assisting this motion, with the other fingers push the risen ball in the opposite direction. The balls switch places, the palm straightens up. Continue non-stop movement: one ball going under the other, rolling across the center of the  palm.

“Horizontal rotation of balls”

Take two shungite balls with your hand, hold your palm horizontally, with your thumb pushing the ball nearest to it towards your little finger, and push the other ball towards your thumb. If the right ball goes closer to the bottom of the palm, rotation takes place, clockwise and back. Try to rotate the balls without stopping, to master the movement both clockwise and counterclockwise, placing your hand with the palm up. After you've mastered that, you can try to perform the exercise with your hand palm down, as well as under various angles.

“Rolling two balls between the hand palms”

Take two shungite balls and roll them between your hand palms from side to side.

Exercises with three shungite balls

Performing exercises with three shungite balls requires wide interaction between fingers, especially between the little finger and the thumb. That's why it's better to start with small-size balls. For the balls not to fall down, hold your hand evenly, paralelly to the ground, and straighten your fingers more than in case with two balls.

“Three treasures”

Perform “horizontal rotation” with three shungite balls clockwise and counterclockwise. Further, while rotating them, try to fix one of the balls with your finger so that the possibility is kept to continue rotating the two other balls. For example, you can fix a ball with your little finger.

Roll one of the balls on top between two others.

Try to roll the balls so that they do not touch each other.

Exercises with four shungite balls.

The technique does not differ much from the ways of rotating three balls. It's just becoming more and more difficult to cope with them. Exercises with four shungite balls require continuous concentration of attention and movement coordination. But the effect is greater from this exercise.

“Magic tower”

Take three shungite balls and place the fourth one in the center between them, forming a tower. After sufficient training, you will be able to easily take four balls at once with one hand and make a tower of them on your palm. In the beginning, use your second hand to put the upper ball. Rotate three balls, and the fourth will be rotating itself, which is very beautiful to look at. Try to keep the tower – it breaks down in case of the tiniest imprecision in movements.

“Magic pyramid”

Perform the exercise “Magic Tower” with balls of various sizes, from the biggest to the smallest.


Perform “Horizontal Rotation” with four shungite balls clockwise and counterclockwise.

Shungite balls for finger development

“A crane cracks with the Beak”

Press one shungite ball with your straightened forefinger and middle finger, press another ball with your thumb and ring finger (the little finger is pressed against the ring finger). Start slightly striking the balls against each other, clicking like with castanets. You will gradually catch the rhythm, and your wrist will be also involved into this motion. You will quickly feel the beneficial effect of this exercise on your forearms.

“A dragon playing with a pearl”

Place a shungite ball between the little and ring fingers of your right hand, then, with your middle finger, roll the ball so that it's pressed between your ring and middle finger. Prolong this movement with your forefinger first, shifting the ball from left to right, then with your thumb. Throughout its way, the ball must not touch your palm, rolling with the help of your finger. Exactly like this, between your fingers, return the ball into the original position. In order to do this, place the ball with your thumb from left to right between the index and middle finger first, etc.

Body massage with the help of shungite balls.

Shungite balls may be used for self-massage. Smoothly roll the balls on your skin surface with rotary movements. Regulate the pressure. You can start from the face, then switch to the neck, and further on, throughout your whole body. You will achieve the greatest effect if a partner helps you make ball massage. In this case, you should start rolling the balls from your back.

Feet massage with the help of shungite balls.

Place the balls on the ground, press a ball with your bare foot and, starting from the middle of the foot, massage the leg. Try to take the ball with your toes.

General recommendations for the use of shungite Health Balls:

1. Train daily not less than 10 minutes.

2. Keep regularity of your exercises and graduality of increasing loads.

3. Interchange pressure exercises with rotation exercises.

4. Avoid pain senses. Prevent pressure to muscle groups not involved in teh exercise (forearm, shoulder, neck, back) and unnecessary movements of your head, hands, legs, etc.

5. When starting the exercises, use medium size shungite balls. As you will be mastering the basic exercises, it's better to acquire several pairs of balls of various sizes to vary the loads and perform exercises with 3 or 4 balls.

6. Try not to look at the balls, try to realize your every movement, listen to what you feel in your hands.

Shungite balls are applied for medicinal purposes:

- to remove overstrain and stresses;

- to develop movement coordination, strength and sleight of hands;

- to normalize blood pressure;

- to maintain the high level of vitality.

For disease prevention purposes, shungite balls are applied:

- in case of constant overload of hands (typewriting, playing musical instrument, sports, walking with a cane or on crutches, hand crafts, daily household activities, etc.);

- to keep the hands beautiful, young and sleigh.

For medicinal purposes, exercises with shungite balls are applied:

- in case of hand diseases (arthritis, rheumatism, etc.), provided that you take a preliminary consultation from a doctor;

- during the restoration period after injuries of upper extremities;

- in case of disorders in the hand motor activity, independently of their reasons.

Today, the beneficial effect of exercises with Health Balls is confirmed and approved by official medicine – neuropathologists and traumatologists. Specialists recommend them to remove over-fatigue, stress and to keep up the body tonus. Modern pedagogics and child psychology admit the necessity of developed smaller hand motor for the normal intellectual development of children. Thus, work with Health Balls has a positive influence not only on the condition of body and energy, but immediately on the functioning of the brain. Exercises performed by two hands at the same time contributes to the extension and strengthening of the connection between the brain hemispheres, which develops ability to a fuller understanding of the world.

Shungite magic shpres are especially useful for people having intellectual, psychic and emotional overloads, such as businessmen, programmers, dispatchers working with great customer flows, drivers, students, etc. Besides, the therapeutic shungite “exerciser” will be of use for those whose wrists and fingers are constantly tense – when working with the computer keyboard, playing musical instruments, doing needlework, etc. As a curative, shungite balls will be undoubtedly fit for those who suffer from arthritis (the main thing here is not to use them during the aggravation period). The balls will help people after an injury of the upper extremities to restore the joint mobility and muscle functioning. Exercises with the balls do not take a long time but are very effective.

Shungite Health Balls are considered to be a means of achieving the balance of mind, physical health and active longevity, which is unrivaled in terms of effectiveness and safety.

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