• Unpolished shungite pyramid (8 cm)

Shungite pyramid with side of the basis - 8 cm. The non-polished shungite pyramid can be used for preparation  shungite water. Just put down the pyramid to a container with water for 2 days.

Shungite pyramids can be established on a bottom of pools and baths. Water under shungite influence is cleared and will get special curative properties, having deep salutary influence on an organism of bathing people.

It is proved that a person is located every day in the range of geopathogenic zone. His organism is under geopathogenic waves. It leads to different sickness, apathy, weakness and headache. As a result of this unfluence the immune system weakens,sense of disharmony appears, onset of diseases becomes more often. The medical researches certify geopathogenic radiation to cause cardiovascular diseases and up to 60 percent of oncological diseases. Shungite pyramid is one of effective protection against geopathogenic radiation. It can reduce negative impact of the environment and  neutralize geopathogenic waves. Shungite pyramid can protect dwelling and industrial premises from the electromagnetic fields influence of cell phones, TV, computers, laptop, etc. These shungite pyramids has active range 6,5 meters.

Unpolished shungite pyramid (8 cm)

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