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Shungite ball Ø4cm

Shungite ball Ø4cm

Shungite ball's diameter  is 4 cm.

Shungite balls are applied for medicinal purposes:

  • to remove overstrain and stresses;
  • to develop movement coordination, strength and sleight of hands;
  • to normalize blood pressure;
  • to maintain the high level of vitality.

 For disease prevention purposes, shungite balls are applied:

  • in case of constant overload of hands (typewriting, playing musical instrument, sports, walking with a cane or on crutches, hand crafts, daily household activities, etc.),
  • to keep the hands beautiful, young and sleigh.

For medicinal purposes, exercises with shungite balls are applied:

  • in case of hand diseases (arthritis, rheumatism, etc.), provided that you take a preliminary consultation from a doctor;
  • during the restoration period after injuries of upper extremities;
  • in case of disorders in the hand motor activity, independently of their reasons.

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